Web Host EPhost Offers New Hosting Control Panel

Web hosting provider EPhost (www.ephost.com) announced on Thursday it has launched a new Web hosting control panel, which features a streamlined interface and new enhancements over the previous EPhost control panel system.

New customers will be able to use the new control panel to manage their websites, deploy open-source Web-based applications, and back-up or restore websites and databases.

The platform’s single-login system lets users perform seamless billing management, website management, and access to technical support.

The new control panel system provides a range of enhancements, including the ability to automatically install open-source applications like WordPress and DotNetNuke, single-customer login for website management, billing and support, centralized management of domains purchased through EPhost, the ability to backup/restore entire website and individual databases, a new Web hosting affiliate program, and enhanced account credit card security.

“The new control panel offers many improvements over our previous system,” says EPhost president Joe Rebis. “We hope to make the new system more intuitive for our customers to get the most out of the system. The new system also opens up many new opportunities for us to extend our web hosting offerings to hosting Linux based accounts, as well as offer enterprise services such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft SharePoint.”

EPhost will soon introduce cloud hosting services, and will announce the details of its EP2 Cloud Hosting Network later this month.

The company currently offers ColdFusion Web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and web design services.

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