DomainTools gets a facelift

RedesignSerious remodeling has been underway at DomainTools.

Here at DomainTools we are in the midst of a major site redesign project and we wanted to share the beginnings of the new and improved “DomainTools” site with you starting today.
The first item most readers of this blog will notice is the new login screen. This necessary, but usually blase page, received a serious renovation, with a lot of thought on the small details that help you quickly find your way past the login and on to the parts of the site you care most about – the product and services and your account.

New users will also find a greatly-improved process of setting up a new account. Visitors will find improved explanations of membership levels, inline product descriptions, and a clear, discrete flow from decision to sign-up.

OldMemPgThe biggest change is our member’s new home page. The old home page was certainly colorful, but it wasn’t all that helpful except to exercise your scroll-wheel finger. Rather than display the majority oAcctSrvf account details on a single page, the new member account page is tabular and organized by related items carefully constructed to keep things on one page for most resolutions. Simply tab to the section you’re interested in to drill down to further details, make changes to your account, and review historical information. You’ll also find a new section under the “Messages” tab that will let us send important information and updates to our customers directly. A red flag will indicate when a new message is available to review. Watch for updates to DomainTools in this section!

We realized early in the design phase of this remodel that two items were critically important: improve performance AND user-experience for our customers. A few of the performance improvements implemented were detailed in an earlier post and we continue our efforts in that area as well. When delving into the user-experience modifications, we identified a need to provide customers easy access to information. There now exists a dedicated panel always visible in the My Account section with a simple, clear list and direct path to services used and reports ordered.

Stay tuned for more upgrades that will bring our customers systems that are easier to use, exciting new products and services and lots of performance enhancements.