Valentine’s Day App

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d spotlight an app that developer Brennan Roberts created using Factual’s API.

“The Candy Heart” app is a website that allows visitors to create a virtual candy heart with a customized message and share it with other visitors, or share it directly with a special someone via email. It’s cute and often hilarious to read the Valentine’s Day messages people write. (“I love you like twenty elephants in twenty zoos!”) And unlike that fancy dinner you’re taking her too, it’s free!

Click here to access the Factual table where all the messages are being stored, and where you can see which messages are the most popular (the “vote” column) and which ones have been flagged (the “legit” column).

So have fun reading all those fun/heartfelt/racy messages, and surprise someone you know with their very own candy heart. (But if you do, keep in mind you still have to take her out to that fancy dinner.)

Enjoy the long weekend!

— The Factual Team