ASP.NET 4 Hosting for Windows 2008 Launched at DiscountASP.NET

(The Hosting News) DiscountASP.NET is enhancing their Windows Server 2008 hosting platform with latest .NET Framework 4. All DiscountASP.NET production Windows 2008 servers are installed side-by-side with .NET Framework 4.0 and 3.5 SP1/2.0 versions. Customers can choose which ASP.NET version they desire to develop against using a real-time ASP.NET Version […] Read more »

New Software To Offer ‘Live’ Website Design

(The Hosting News) – A group of British software developers have announced that they are to launch an online service that lets web designers create rich, dynamic websites live online – without having to code. BaseKit is a next generation website builder which automatically converts user-uploaded Photoshop designs into standards-compliant […] Read more »