Acting Got Me Addicted to Earning Residual Income

If you are looking to create product and sell them online – there are a few places that you can do this. I found a similar website called Etsy that you can sell stuff on too. You can also make products on Zazzle. You can’t find an easier website than Zazzle to make and sell your products on the net. If you really want to make money online with Zazzle you can create a ton of products and you will eventually be successful.

I also use ebay to make money online and I buy and sell movie scripts. Near my home in Los Angeles is a cool little script store where I buy these items. I buy them for about $8 each and sell them for about $15. This was a simple way to make residual income. I love working with scripts.

I was an actor for 6 years and I have a special gift for picking the right scripts. I could not make a living from my acting earnings alone, so I also did paid online surveys to pocket some extra dinero. There is always a way to create additional income if you try.

The best thing about acting is the residual income. Some national commercials can net you like 45 grand or more. One commercial that I did made me thousands of dollars for a year straight. Pretty good for 8 hours of work! Many people would love to make this kind of money in a whole year.

The idea is, if you try and find ways to make money online and stick with it, you can survive. Even when acting was slow and I had no work, I was able to survive from my online income sources. Don’t ever quit on your goals and aspirations. I always remember to put my goals before my daily tasks