Google Unveils Amazon S3-Like Cloud Storage Service

Google ( has unveiled an early version of a cloud-based storage system, which could soon compete against similar services such as Amazon Web Services’ S3 (, according to various sources including cnet.

Google Storage for Developers, according to its Google Labs site, is a Representational State Transfer or “RESTful” service for storing and accessing data on Google’s cloud infrastructure with all data being replicated to multiple US data centers. It promises the combined performance and scalability of Google’s cloud infrastructure with advanced security and sharing capabilities with key or email-based authentication.

In addition, Google Storage for Developers offers a web-based storage management interface, as well as open source command line tool and library GSUtil, which lets one store, share, and manage data on Google Storage. The service is also compatible with many other cloud storage tools and libraries.

Currently available only to a limited number of US developers, Google Storage for Developers currently has on a waiting list for those interested. These test developers get 100GB of data storage capacity and 300GB per month in data-transfer bandwidth.

Google’s pay-as-you-go pricing places a price tag of 17 cents on each gigabyte per month, 10 cents per GB for uploading, and 15 to 30 cents per GB for downloading data from it.

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