Free Flash Web Sites

Getting a flash web site for free is not as easy as it may seem. If you want to make a fantastic introduction, an animated image, or an interactive advertisement, then flash is what you need. I had heard that there were many places to get free sites so I thought that it would be just as easy to get a flash site as it is to get any other kind of web site.

Unfortunately when I started looking for free web sites, all I could find were blog sites. The blogging platform is fantastic for people that are just attempting to get a message out over the web. Unfortunately, blogs are not very good for web masters trying to make something unique and appealing to the eye.

I did not just want to get my message out, in fact I really just wanted to make a better looking web site than my brother. Since he created a flash site, I figured I’d have to create one as well. His site had a great introduction that showed exactly what the web site was about. A multitude of my buddies went to his website to look at his cool intro. Another reason they went there was to enrage me, but I don’t want to talk about that.

Even though I looked in all the major search engines I could not find a free flash site to work with. What I ended up having to do was to sneak onto my brothers computer to find out what he used to make his site. I went into his room while he was out with his girl friend and got onto his computer. He does not know this but I have his screen saver password memorized so I was easily able to access his computer and all of his files.

I went through all of his bookmarks before finally finding a page that looked like it might be about flash websites. The book mark led me to a useful flash article and within the text had a link that read get a flash website for free. When I went to the web page it had a site that offered exactly what I was looking for.

The web site that I needed to remember was simple but I wrote it down anyway. Following this I got on my laptop and typed the website address in. It didn’t take me long before my site was setup and ready to be worked on. My site isn’t completely done, but when it is I’m sure it will be better than my brothers.