Is Guy4Game a Safe WoW Gold Shop? A Guy4Game Review

There are literally hundreds of online shops where you can buy cheap wow gold. Many of these shops for the most part are on the level. There are some out there that are just scam sites looking to make a quick buck. Then there are MMO shops that attempt to provide an honest service but are just lousy at it. This is a Guy4Game review, one of the hottest MMO shops available online.

Compared to all the other MMO shops online, Guy4Game is about the biggest shop with the most services. They have been in business a long time and have become a fan favorite because of their cheap prices and safe service. One of the best things about Guy4Game is that it’s the best place to buy cheap WoW gold. They have huge supplies on all servers available any time day or night.

You can count on cheap prices primarily because all gold farming is done in house and is not outsourced. Most MMO shops will buy bulk orders from china and sell it through websites. This added cost of having to buy the gold means higher prices for the end user which is you the player. Guy4Game is able to offer the same amount of gold on any server for much less than most shops. In addition to low prices they have extremely fast and reliable service.

Of all the complaints that buyers have about MMO shops, the amount of time it can take to get what they have paid for is often slow. This delay happens because many online WoW gold shops will go out and get the gold after a buyer has made a purchase. Another reason is that they just buy the gold from a supplier in China after you have paid and just deliver it for a profit. In both cases this takes extra time and makes the delivery process very slow.

Since Guy4Game is the one of the largest MMO shops online, they have a huge stockage of gold on all servers. You can find out before you make a purchase just how much is available on your server at any given time. Because all the gold is farmed and stored in-house you can count on instant delivery of your purchase.

Other than cheap wow gold prices, Guy4Game, has very good service after the sale. They have a dedicated team of professionals always ready to assist buyers. Most other shops will outsource their service department which usually means service that sub-par. You can trust that they will answer and questions and correct any problems that may arise and keep you up to date on your purchases.

For the most part, it is hard to find a MMO shop that is as professional as Guy4Game. They have been in business a very long time and the biggest reason is that they fast and reliable. All transactions are handled with care, making them very safe to work with. Your account is in good hands and buyers have no need to fear that their accounts will be banned for any reason.

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