Revitalizing Under-Performing Landing Pages The Old-Fashioned Way

The pursuit of creating a profitable email list is the driving force behind building landing pages that will hopefully perform well. If your pages have failed to produce, then there is hope because you can use a process to determine what is wrong and do something about it. Yes, even you can achieve the kind of conversion rates that heretofore you have only read and dreamed about. What is needed is solid action that is informed and purposeful, and that is something lots of folks seem to lack.

Its a good idea to start with something simple like the headline.

If your landing page is an actual sales page, then ensure your graphics such as for ordering are well thought-out so people will be inclined to click on it. Maybe people are not so thrilled about clicking on something that looks bland, we do not know and doubt anyone really knows or understands. You need to work with your designer or do it on your own to ensure that the color, font, size and everything about the order button is effectively placed. You should make sure that your order button stands out from the rest of the elements on your page, and give it the kind of treatment that it should get. You really should try including an appropriate call to action that is part of your order graphic so it has some helpful copy in it.

You could hire a specialist in SEO services to help you with this, but it is always better to do this yourself as your skills will improve for the next time.

Your text will have an effect on your readers, so learn how to make it presentable according to standard copywriting guidelines.

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