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Question by Daniel M: Web Hosting and Warez?
If one were place warez on there site, could the web host immediately perceive it and delete your account, or do they have to search for it through there servers?Like for instance the more popular warez sites. I mean how do people place warez on there sites, and not get banned for doing it? Do the web hosts only check the popular sites, or? My idiotic friend wants to create a Warez site using the web host “JustHost” what are the chances of losing her account due to warez and them finding out?

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Answer by rossng11
Your friend is an idiot. Her account will be banned. Any decent host will have keyword matching systems in place to detect illegal content, or it will be reported very quickly.

Most warez sites are run either from people’s own servers (which no-one else can physically access and shut down) or from the servers of hacked corporate networks. Most sites, however, do not actually host illegal content, but effectively link to the selfsame content on users computers (peer-to-peer, often bittorrent).

Because the legality of this is somewhat of a grey area, it is easier to get away with, but does not actually add anything to the current offerings, requires more h4x0r sk1llz (note: sarcastic) and still gets people kicked.

All in all, don’t do it. Realise that there is plenty of free software available and use it. See, for example

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