Golden Frog Web Hosts New Service In Data Foundry Data Centers

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Golden Frog Web Hosts New Service In Data Foundry Data Centers – 2011-11-09 – This week, the web hosting provider Data Foundry made the announcement that it will not be hosting the new “Dump Truck” online storage service of the personal VPN provider Golden Frog. This service will be held at the …

Digital Realty Trust to Integrate Open Compute Designs for Multi-tenant Data
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Web Host SoftLayer Offers RightScale Management Tools to Cloud Hosting Customers
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Question by Ustun Inan Insurance: Do you use a “Domain Hosting” Company to maintain your website?
I have seen web hosting companies advertised from “Free” to several hundreds dollars.
Please tell me what these companies do to earn their money?
Who do you use for “Web Hosting” and are you happy with them?

Ustun Inan Insurance

Best answer:

Answer by John R
“Free” put ads on your site and make money that way, and paid charge you for it.

If you need a real website you have to buy hosting and a domain name.

I recommend one of these:

Powweb has the best offer right now. It’s on a 50% sale – $ 3.88/month ($ 46.56/year), and you get a free domain from them. (like

Their hosting plan includes web builder, so you can create your site just by drag and drop (without any programming), or you could install WordPress (easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

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