Learning To Make Pepper Spray Work Best To Suit Your Needs

Nearly all suggestions talk about what to do to look for the best pepper spray self defense towards the bad guys. What about once you have acquired your defense spray? Will you only tote it around and continue to be clueless up until the moment arrives when you need to make use of it? Read more »

Have Precise Self Defense During Night With A Taser With Laser Sight

The brother of my friend raised my confidence indirectly when he gave her a Taser with laser sight. I was helping her in her apartment as she was just released from the hospital. She was violently attacked by two men, who left her on the street after they took her money. Read more »

For Effective Self Defense Products, I Count On Self Defense Spray

I was in my late thirties when I lost my husband. My children were adults by then since I had the eldest at only 17. They worked hard to demonstrate that I have my whole life ahead of me and must live it to the fullest. Read more »