Cellar Door Media Launches Lockr Key Management Exclusive to Pantheon’s …

To take security one level higher, Lockr does not allow keys to be copied and used by developers outside the hosting platform. This can be especially important to development teams distributed across the globe. Additionally, Lockr allows site owners to … RSS-5 Read more »

Web Host Logicworks Integrates RightScale Cloud Management Platform with

Web Host Logicworks Integrates RightScale Cloud Management Platform with … By Nicole Henderson, December 14, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cloud management firm RightScale and web hosting provider Logicworks announced on Wednesday that they have partnered to launch a joint offering for managing public and private cloud … Read […] Read more »

Cloud Computing: Knowledge Management as a Service – More Players

eyeOS – Cloud Computing! Image by Jonathas Rodrigues Acesse um sistema operacional online através do seu navegador! Este é o futuro, e o futuro é Código Aberto! Cloud Computing! Computação na nuvem! www.eyeos.org Cloud Computing: Knowledge Management as a Service – More Players As identified in my previous article about […] Read more »

Serviced Office Area – Worthy For The Newcomer Businesses

If you are the owner of any company or if you are employed in any business company then you may need heard a specific term "serviced office space". As the matter of this term is concerned, it's thought to be an office where the managing task is done by the team from outside the business named as a 3rd party team and hence, in this way, the business is run by them effectively. Read more »

Cloud Host GoGrid Deploys Modius OpenData Infrastructure Management

Cloud Host GoGrid Deploys Modius OpenData Infrastructure Management By Nicole Henderson, October 31, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Data center infrastructure management software developer Modius (www.modius.com) announced on Monday that cloud-based infrastructure as a service provider GoGrid (www.gogrid.com) has … Read more on Web Host Industry Review Q&A: Embrane […] Read more »

Tips for Increasing Opt-In Subscribers to Your Email List.

No matter what market you are targeting or your sites aim, it is important to focus on building your opt-in email list so you can create a profitable online business with the potential for a six figure income. Assisting you in understanding the steps needed so you are able increase the opt-in subscribers to your email list is the reason for this article. Read more »

Unique Designer Jeans Should Be Worn With Some Reserve

Two immigrants to the US put their heads together and created a better idea to make durable trousers for the physical laborer. Business partners Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis added copper rivets to the stress points in the denim fabric used for jeans. Today the traditional design they had developed is considered the most adaptable article of clothing in mens clothing today. The designer jeans had their humble beginnings from the working class dungarees. Read more »

Steel Buildings Have Many Applications

Steel buildings can be used in many different ways by lots of people. They have residential and commercial applications of all kinds. Research the different styles available by going online, where companies in your region will post images of how your product could look. Read more »

Applying For And Managing a Credit Card Online

Using and owning a credit card is very convenient as you do not need to carry a large amount of cash with you and you do not have to pay for a purchase at that moment. For this reason, more people are acquiring credit cards, which is why more banking institutions are offering credit cards. There is a simple process to applying for a credit card online. However, when making credit card applications, consumers have to consider a few aspects relating to approval and when managing their credit cards online. Read more »