Layered Tech Becomes First Hosting And Cloud Provider Offers Compliance Guarantee

Layered Tech Becomes First Hosting And Cloud Provider Offers Compliance Guarantee
16, 2012 – Layered Technologies, Inc. (Layered Tech), a leading global provider of compliant hosting, managed dedicated hosting and cloud services, today announced that it is adding a service-level agreement (SLA) so that all Layered Tech compliance …
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Cloud Computing and the Drummond Report
These functions include services such as a help desk, local and wide area network management, mainframe operations, web hosting, and the development of applications that can advance the government's business vision and provide flexible solutions to IT …
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Rackspace and Redapt Join Forces to Deliver Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition
The company was also positioned in the Leaders Quadrant by Gartner Inc. in the "2010 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting." For more information, visit .
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Cloud Computing Company Centuric Offers Reduced $3.99 Transfer Fees on Domain

Cloud Computing Company Centuric Offers Reduced .99 Transfer Fees on Domain
29, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — Centuric, a full service Cloud computing company offering business solutions for a wide range of companies—from small businesses to large enterprises—is now offering reduced transfer fees of $ 3.99 on domain registration …
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WFTCloud – Leaders in SAP Private Cloud Reveals Top Trends of 2011 and
It's apparent that migrating SAP environments to the cloud reached a tipping point this year where it is no longer a trend, but has become an absolute business requirement in 2012. WFTCloud, the leader in SAP Private Cloud computing, has first-hand …
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Question by : Difficulty in Understanding Cloud computing network architecture?please help…?
I have been reading a lot about cloud computing network architecture,but i am struggling to understand the whole and over-all network set-up…

As far as i have been understand it consists of 2 end’s front end and back end…

I had easily understood about the front end,in a example i have found using or accessing a e-mail
service is a best example for “front-end” of cloud computing..

But things are not easy for me in the “back-end” technology of cloud computing,

I am struggling to understand the back-end transactions of the cloud computing,

Because in the back-end i have seen some middleware componetns and Also about the central server administers the system etc…

Also the servers and network infrastructure of the cloud are being linked from all over the world to from a “cloud network”,
how is this possible?

In simple i am totally confused at the back-end side of the cloud computing
especially on about middlewares,Central server Administer system and About linking and mainting of the cloud network…

I hope some networking guru or some one with good network knowledge will clear my doubt,

Also if possible point me to some nice articles or e-books for understanding the back-end technology of the “cloud computing”
Have some questions for you
please edit in your answer or looking for some 1 else to answer this…

Where does the middleware present in the back-end ?

In the control node or in some where else?

Also i have seen in the internet that ,Cloud computing technology have been used by companies like google,But also i have readed that it also poses a lot of security risks,

how a secured cloud network can be designed?

Also in the back-end of the cloud how servers and pcs from all over the world have been linked to form a cloud network?

hope some will answer these edited questions…
Thanks for making the things clear,but still 3 of my questions remains un-answered?

As we know the datas are stored all over the place ,it poses one of the biggest threat to the network security,what kind of security mechanisms they use to reduce these kind of security at the back-end of the clod network?

Also where is the middleware located on the back-end model?

Best answer:

Answer by JoelKatz
Every computer that is part of a cloud’s back end is associated with a control node. The computer reports its availability to the control node.

When work needs to be done, the front-end also consults a control node. It reports what works it needs to be done, how it will be paid for (if appropriate) and so on. The control node then assigns back end machines to the job and routes the assignment to them.

The “middleware” generally refers to the protocols and software that implement the interaction between the control nodes and the back end machines that do the actual work. When a new back-end machine is added to the cloud, it’s middleware that begins assigning work to that machine.

You can think of the middleware as being like the cashier and the manager at a fast food restaurant. It takes your order, tells you how much to pay, and bills you. And it hands your order to the various people who make your food. When a new employee shows up, it tells them what to do. It opens the doors in the morning and locks them at night.

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Web Host Mabuhay Hosting Offers SiteLock Security Services

Web Host Mabuhay Hosting Offers SiteLock Security Services
By Nicole Henderson, December 07, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Website security solutions provider SiteLock announced on Wednesday that Philippines-based web host Mabuhay Hosting will offer SiteLock's security services to its hosting customers. …
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Web Hosting Sales and Promos Roundup – December 2, 2011
By Nicole Henderson, December 02, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — In the week ending December 2, 2011, there were many international web hosting providers offering holiday promotions. is offering the first month free in light of the …
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10 Game-Changing Apps For Startups
Web Hosting: Not an application in the general sense of the word, but an important function nonetheless. Startups typically go with a web host like GoDaddy or HostGator. These hosts provide a reliable, scalable, and low-cost solution for most companies …
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Question by Eki TC: Please help-What is a “web host”?
What is a Web Host? I am trying to make a website through WordPress and I understand I need to purchase a ‘web host’, what is this?! Untechnical replies most valued please!
Thank yoooou!

Best answer:

Answer by Nick M
You need a web host to store any files you display on any website or blog or forum. Such as images, text, pages etc.

The best free one which wordpres can be easily installed on is:

Though a long process in signing up, since you have to sign up for a forum account as well as the host account, this host is great.

To install, sign up and login, click on the Cpanel URL:

and type in your details you filled in when you signed up, then to create your wordpress blog, when you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom an click on : “Fantastico De Luxe”, look on the side for blogs then click on wordpress, the rest should be pretty clear.

If you need more help in setting this up contact me through y profile (Click on my name)



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Instant Or Redemption Cashback Offers

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At this time we now have some web phone outlets which provide prospective clients incentives with the intention to get them to join up for a phone. Two of the most famous at this point will be free gifts with mobile phones and also cashback phone contract online offers.

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