IDG Contributor Network: Apple stores to sell Apollo “personal cloud.” It’s back to the future all over again

News today from a justifiably proud Promise technology that Apple (yes, THAT Apple) is going to be selling Promise’s Apollo “personal cloud appliance” at its stores globally. Any time Apple does anything it’s a big deal so it is worth having a bit of background about Promise. The company is […] Read more »

iPhone Insurance Media News Release: FBI Launches Child ID In The App Store

With the numerous functions that the Apple iPhone gadget is competent at, the more we are assisted to a much better life and a fruitful one. Ranging from a long line up of wonderful features, the Apple iPhone not simply benefits us normal people, but also those behind the law, the authorities, and the lawmakers. The Apple iPhone by itself is a versatile gadget as it stretches its functional possibilities as far as we know Read more »

Postpone Of The Formal Introduction Of The iPhone 5 Credited To Overheating Troubles

As we all patiently look forward to yet another possible Apple iPhone upgrade, our eagerness rises like there is no tomorrow. We have been displayed with so many ideas and clues on what to expect with the 5th generation iPhone, yet all we demand is for it to reach the stores and ultimately our hands. We have over heard lots about countless launching dates and got disappointed with the postponement. Read more »