Oracle's SPARC T4 Server Momentum Expands Demand for SPARC Systems

Oracle's SPARC T4 Server Momentum Expands Demand for SPARC Systems With Oracle Solaris 11, the first cloud OS, SPARC T4 server customers can take advantage of cloud-scale life cycle management with secure, fail-safe boot environments, safe roll-backs, 4x faster upgrades and 2.5x faster system re-boots. Read more on MarketWatch (press […] Read more »

Web Host 8×8 Launches Windows Cloud Server Hosting Solution

Web Host 8×8 Launches Windows Cloud Server Hosting Solution By Justin Lee, November 29, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cloud hosting provider 8×8 announced on Tuesday it has launched its new Windows Cloud Server hosting solution. The offering comes more than a year after 8×8 acquired managed hosting and […] Read more »

Significance of Secure Server Email Companies

If you begin a enterprise, you want to keep any info which you get as safe as you possibly can. Secure server email is 1 way for you to make sure that any messages that are transmitted is protected and secure to help keep anybody from hacking into your email and getting data. Email can be a quickly, free, and effective way to send information in all diverse types to anywhere around the world. Should you be a business, you probably use it to send newsletters and other data out to clients and in the event you don't have an email server that's secure, you could be setting yourself up for troubles down the road. Read more »

Do You Want A Dedicated SEO Server?

It can be proper that a dedicated SEO server is dearer than a shared server however what are the explanations for this and do the benefits sometimes support the extra expense? When you have to make the decision regardless of whether to go with a dedicated SEO server from the start of a challenge, you'll likely would like to consider the benefits. There aren't any true alterations inside the approach a website online is indexed by means of the various search engines, so regardless of whether you might have dedicated SEO servers or shared webhosting, your website online will still be seen on the internet. Read more »

A Dedicated SEO Server for Amateurs

The necessity for a dedicated SEO server has grown a notch in recent times and the time period dedicated website hosting can in basic terms be likened to that where valued clientele can present to shop for among the finest SEO website hosting services and products that's on present just through leasing out to the dedicated SEO server connected to them. Most locate this moderately elaborate but it is easy highly. Today it has at last turn into one of the vital achievable ways by which the webmasters can get their servers from being dedicated to their desires and not share any bandwidth with anyone. Read more »