Cloud coding pitfalls: Tips for avoiding big, bad bugs

According to this ACM article, the seven coding constructs that have been the most frequent source of bugs are function calls, assignments, conditions, pointers, uses of NULL, variable declarations, function declarations, and return statements. There are dozens of other conference presentations, books, and taxonomies that provide statistically valid guidance — […] Read more »

5 tips for running your first influencer marketing campaign

This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations. The rise of social media has given consumers more power than ever before, arming them with a platform where they can engage brands in real time. This has […] Read more »

The Ultimate Way To Discover Respostas For Your Perguntas

Many of us have Perguntas that we would wish to question every now and then. Many times, a number of the Perguntas that we've will not be simply responded to and locating the respostas to these Perguntas as a result becomes a nightmare. To avoid this, one may usually make use of the net. There are many techniques that you can find web-sites that handle respostas and Perguntas. The good thing about these types of web-sites is that they allow many people to come together and try to answer the Perguntas of other folks, to ensure that when everything has been said and done, you've a huge knowledge base from which you may have your queries resolved. Read more »

Chat Room No Registrations with new Tips

Every parent of a child with Chat Room No Registrations deals with challenges on a daily basis that are difficult to cope with. Remember that life is just as frustrating for the child with Chat Room No Registrations. Keep a positive attitude and perspective about the situation will do a lot to keep you sane. Also, the more you learn about Chat Room No Registrations and your role as a supportive parent, the more you'll discover that there's a great deal you can do in this situation. You are not powerless with an Chat Room No Registrations child. The goal of this article is to give you some great proven tips for helping your child cope with Chat Room No Registrations. Read more »

What One Should Understand About Traffic Tickets Penalties In Canada

What one should know about traffic tickets penalties in Canada is that there are different types of charges that one should be aware of. One is charged for driving under the influence, but also for having a high blood level of alcohol and refusing to take a breath test. This article will look at these three charges and how they can affect an individual. Read more »