Twitter doesn’t work as a business, and thinks video will save it (but it’s on the clock)

Every quarter, we expect big things from big companies. To our minds, each three-month cycle needs to be a big win capitalized by a those companies raking in a ton of cash. Twitter didn’t do that today. And it hasn’t for some time. Really, for the better part of its […] Read more »

How To Avoid Marketing Mistakes On Twitter

Since the start twitter, it is a phenomena for millions of web user around the globe. Tweeting started out as a short information done on the web like a text. This grew to be a new chance for internet marketers to obtain more exposure. However, each online marketing strategy has its own course of action when utilizing this. If you are not therefore careful you'll be ruining your effort as opposed to getting the outcome you want. Read more »

A Good Digital Agency Will Help Your Business

Our lives today are becoming increasingly 'digitised': we're sharing our experiences in multiple digital formats and locations, such as personal profiles on Facebook, short messages ('tweets') via twitter, text and images via email, videos via YouTube, and of course, speaking and texting through our mobile phones - to name but a few. There are even applications for your fridge which give diet and cooking tips and toilets that can assess how fit you are. In fact, we've become so overloaded with online information that software is now available to keep us offline for set periods! Read more »

The Basics of Using Social Networks to Promote Your Site

Social networking and social media are some of the biggest buzzwords in the internet industry today. No web designer or website owner can ignore the importance of social media or underestimate its value to a business. Through social media, the Internet has become a tool that even small businesses can use to impact the marketplace. Simply using the social networks available and knowing what type of information to put out can make a small business as competitive as the major players in an industry. Read more »

Simple Facebook Business Tips Can Net Huge Results

When you're business has reached the point when it's time to start reaching out for a more targeted audience, get additional exposure, and build a better brand then your business has reached the point when it's time to start leveraging the power of Facebook. There are tons of businesses, both big and small that are using Facebook to increase their business and get more effective at their marketing. One really great thing about Facebook marketing is that it allows businesses to interact on a more personal level with potential customers. If you want to built a better business then you need to read what this article has to say about using Facebook to do just that. The biggest aspect of SEO is Link Building and the quality of your link building will make or break your SEO campaigns. Read more »