Raise your YouTube Search Rankings in 5 eay steps

Do you know that YouTube is the 3 rd most visited site of the virtual world of Internet after FaceBook and Google. The majority of the search engine optimization consultants ignore YouTube tips to increase there rankings. Multimedia is serving today's audience acting as a baron; enticing them to the video info while repelling them from written material. As the YouTube is the biggest database of video market in this webby world, its significance can not ever be underestimated. Many individuals have managed to generate many back links for their websites and firms through YouTube SEO. Just uploading the video isn't going to serve the purpose. You want to bring it to the first page of the search results to get the desired results. This article is a step-by-step guide on the right way to optimise your video on YouTube. Read more »

Vancouver Video Production: The Way to Get and Keep People’s Attention

In the past, couples who are getting married only provide pictures of their growing years. It will be compiled and turned into a "Powerpoint-ish" presentation wherein the photos will simply be flashed on the screen with a transition to the next photo. Today, that simply would not do. If you want your clients to be happy and the guests of the wedding to be satisfied, you need to add all sorts of pizzazz to your video. It must be more than just showing photos one after another. It must be attention calling and visually stimulating. No wonder Vancouver Video Production houses are constantly busy. Read more »